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Are emails going to Spam?

Do you find some emails are ending up in your spam folders?  If your email application receives an email from an unknown sender it may consider it to be spam. On the other hand, emails from known senders (those already in your Contacts) are far more likely to be accepted as valid. To ensure Camberley Care emails go into your inbox and not into spam folders, please add our email address to your list of known Contacts.

There are many email applications in Windows, MacOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, ChromeOS, Linux, etc. operating systems. Each has different methods for maintaining Contacts.

Adding to your Contacts

Below are instructions for commonly used email applications

  • On a PC desktop – Outlook/Outlook express
    1. Hover over, then right-click on the email address.
    2. Add to Outlook contacts or Add Sender to Address Book
  • On an Android phone
    1. Go to Address Book or Contacts
    2. Add a new contact by using the + button
    3. Type the email address into the email field and save
  • On an iPhone
    1. Go to contacts or use the contacts tab from within the phone app
    2. Press the + at the top
    3. Press the Add email button and add the email address – save
  • In Gmail on a web-browser
    1. Hover over the email address – a window opens
    2. In the top right-hand corner is a head & shoulders symbol for contacts
    3. Click on that symbol to add the contact
  • In Outlook on a web-browser
    1. Hover over the email address – a window opens
    2. In the window is a field for contacts
    3. Click on the symbol to add the contact

Let us know if you have any difficulties.
Sue and Wendy

Thank you from the Mayor

Yesterday the Mayor of Surrey Heath, Sarah Jane Croke, presented Camberley Care with a certificate of appreciation for everything we have done during the COVID crisis. She is very aware of the fantastic work all the charity and community groups do in Surrey Heath and knows that many went above and beyond during the crisis and she wants to recognise this.

Our certificate which will go up on the wall in the office

On behalf of the trustees, thank you all for everything you have done for Camberley Care over the last couple of difficult years. It has been challenging times but the support of our volunteers has been amazing, especially on our last-minute calls, particularly for clients who needed to get their covid vaccinations.

This award is for all of our volunteers, office staff, handymen and trustees.

April 16, 2022